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Announcement: Students in VR 2020 ConferenceAnnouncement: Students in VR 2020 Conference

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Students in VRThe Students in VR 2020 Conference is October 29-30, 2020, and will be held in AltspaceVR and embrace global time zones with students and keynote presenters from around the world.

An Educators in VR event and project, join us in sharing the lessons and experiences created by students for students.

Whether you are an administrator, teacher, parent or learner, the Students in VR conference provides the information you need to courageously explore learning in a dynamic and changing world.

Students exploring collaborative projects in class in VR.Students are the experts in embracing and adapting to new technologies and ways of knowing. They often lead fearlessly in the exploration of topics of interest. We highlight these bold endeavors to explore, learn and share through our student led conference that models how to let students take ownership of their learning.

A fundamental shift is occurring in education. Once a top-down static practice of information transfer, learning is now about the dynamic act of knowledge creation. Students are not just content consumers but also content contributors and content creators.

Older students teaching younger ones VR techniques and experiences.Students in VR is an organization that supports, highlights and connects students who use spatial computing to create the lessons, environments and worlds in which they live and learn. Emerging technologies have finally caught up with the creativity and genius of youth. We are here to support that creativity and genius through the Student in VR international conferences, projects, activities, events, and chapters.

Students in VR is actively seeking sponsors and donors to ensure we support the students in this event. While we are seeking mobile hotspots, VR devices, and industry support, we are also seeking sponsors from around the world wishing to donate gift cards, prizes, and provide financial support to ensure this event and project is successful.

Students from around the world have been working on this project for the past few months, encouraged by the support of their teachers, schools, libraries, and educational institutions. With the current events restricting students and teachers to self-isolate due to COVID-19/coronavirus, separated from their computers, devices, and school access as well as fellow students and teachers, these students have become creative and innovative to ensure the success of the conference, and they need our support.

To participate and support Students in VR, join the Students in VR discussion channel on the Educators in VR Discord server or contact us directly.