Day: 26 February 2021

Educators in VR VR Researchers New Event WorldEducators in VR VR Researchers New Event World

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Educators in VR, the parent organization for Students in VR, supports a variety of Team Projects, special interest groups dedicated to integrating XR immersive technology into education, business, and life. Their popular VR Researchers Team Project have announced an open house event in AltspaceVR March 1, 2021, for all to see their new event world and learn about what it took to create it.

Educators in VR VR Researchers Event World in AltspaceVR.

The VR Researchers team spent a few months studying and researching what makes a good event world that is also more. It needs to support all types of educational events including small group sessions, so there needs to be a focused area for the presentation and room for people to move off into small groups for discussions. They will discuss the challenges associated with building virtual worlds like that, something we need to learn as well.

Come join us in AltspaceVR to learn more.