How to Attend

To attend a Students in VR event like the Students in VR Conference, you may use a VR headset device or Windows-based computer (Windows or Mac with Windows Partition).

Events are held in AltspaceVR, with some special events held on other platforms. Each platform requires registration in advance, so please plan ahead to allow plenty of time to register, go through the short introductory welcome sessions, and to become familiar with navigation and usage of the platform before the event.


Access to events on AltspaceVR is free, but registration is required.

Educators in VR and Students in VR events are highlighted on the Educators in VR event subscription channel. Find the event of interest there and mark it as Interested or RSVP and AltspaceVR will email you a reminder an hour prior to the event.

The following versions are available for AltspaceVR: